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We encourage customers to simplify ordering by sending a fax or electronic copy of the purchase order (PO).
Please include the following information with each order:
1. Purchase Order number
2. Quotation number (for bulk quantity only)
3. Catalog number and product name/description of the product
4. Quantity of product
5. Billing and shipping address

Order Methods

Email: Please send your email orders to
Fax: Purchase orders could be faxed to us at 1-858-769-6322.
Online :You may use our online order system to place your orders.

Create an Account

When you are ready to place your order, please download this <Customer Account Creation Form>, provide information in the required fields plus your company’s shipping and billing information, sign and fax to (858) 769-6322 or email to We will act promptly to establish your new account.

Product Names and Structures

Accela strictly name product and draw complete structure exactly as the sample itself, we would treat salt, hydrate, and solution as different product with different name and structure, e.g. a free amine, its HCl salt and citric acid salt would be 3 products in out catalog and online store.

Evaluation Samples and Bulk Orders

Product evaluation samples will be considered for potential bulk purchases only. Availability and pricing information on bulk quantities are available from our Sales Department via email inquiry.


All prices are stated in US Dollars. Written quotations are guaranteed for 30 days. Prices are subject to change without notice. Shipment will be made promptly even if prices have been nominally increased. Any reduction in price will be automatically applied to your invoice.