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Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative products to our valuable customers. We focus on the quality management system and take it into action strictly in every stage of quality management process, abiding the principle of Quality by Design.

Operating practice for 10 years, we effectively guarantee the product quality is always under control by the below-mentioned elements:
Comprehensive QS standards, much more testing items;
Fully implement ISO9001;
Set appropriate QS standard for every product;
QC testing, QA verifying (QA have veto right);
Inspection of raw materials, testing for storage, storage conditions, packaging material, stability test, retesting setup;
Same quality for domestic and export products.

Testing Methods

A variety of testing methods are used daily, eg: NMR, MS, UPLC, Titrator, mp., K.F., density, optical rotation, IR……



Production quality control

Company establish quality management system in accordance with international standards of ISO9001, combined with ICH Q7, China GMP and cGMP rules;
        ISO 9001 Certificate by Tuv;
        Quality standards for catalog products are set based on industry standards and the reference of customers' requirements.