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Stocks and Shipping

We have stocks in San Diego, CA, USA and Shanghai, China. We use express delivery. All freight, insurance, and special packaging charges will be added to the invoice unless other terms have been arranged. For other international shipping charges, contact your sales representative.

Shipping Conditions

The transport conditions of Shaoyuan products are formulated in accordance with the principle of short-term transport process does not affect the product quality, and may differ from the prescribed storage conditions.
Where there may be short-term exposure (i.e. during shipment) to conditions other than those recommended for long-term storage that will not affect product quality, Shaoyuan will ship at ambient temperature. Ambient temperature shipping helps to control shipping costs for our customers. At any time, our customers can request wet- or dry-ice shipment.
The products sensitive to short-term exposure to conditions other than their recommended long-term storage are shipped on wet- or dry-ice. In those small percentage cases, about $20-30 S&H fee will incurred and add to your invoice. To further ensure the quality, we will consider weather influence, such as summer shipping, by putting wet- or dry-ice in the package.