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Storage Conditions

The storage conditions that the Accela ChemBio label recommends for products are deliberately conservative. For many products, long-term storage at low temperatures will increase shelf life, and therefore are labeled accordingly regarding recommended long-term storage. Please keep the product in strict accordance with Accela ChemBio's storage conditions, the following is the detailed interpretation of the common storage conditions, please refer to the product label.

Ambient Storage

The general storage conditions of the R&D Chemicals is cool and dry, avoid direct sunlight and wet atmosphere. Many Accela ChemBio products may be stored under ambient or regular conditions. Historically products that are suitable for ambient storage may have labeling that indicates “Regular” or no label regarding storage. Some products are sensitive to light or humidity, these products are generally identified on the label as "Light Sensitive" or "Moisture Sensitive".

Refrigerator +4 ℃

For Accela ChemBio products where long-term storage is advised as refrigerator/cooler (2 to 8 ℃), our labels indicate +4 ℃.


For Accela ChemBio products where long-term storage is advised as freezer (-15 to -25 ℃), our labels indicate -20 ℃.


Special storage conditions as indicated in Accela ChemBio product labels are as follows:
· “+4 ℃" implies refrigeration 2 to 8 ℃;
· “-20 ℃" implies -15 to -25 ℃ freezer;
· “Light Sensitive” implies protection from light as necessary;
· “Moisture Sensitive” implies keep away from moisture.
If you have additional questions regarding the Shipping & Storage Conditions Information please contact us.